Apt A​-​12

by Lindsey B

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Apt A-12 was recorded on a rainy weekend in Medford OR.


released October 28, 2016

Lindsey Bellefeuille - vocals, acoustic guitar
Moose the dog - electric guitar, bass
Ashley Tran - piano
Chase Nissen - drums

All songs written and performed by Lindsey Bellefeuille
Produced by Todd Mccollough
Engineered by Ashley Tran
Artwork by Isaiah Wilson



all rights reserved


Lindsey Bellefeuille Medford, Oregon

born and raised in Southern California, Lindsey grew up playing classical flute and singing. She now lives in Medford OR and performs at various open mics.

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Track Name: Dancing in the Kitchen
It happened quickly I felt it
Your words made me melt and just like that you were always around
I liked everything about you at first I had doubts but, you opened my heart I loved you right from the start

of that first kiss in my poorly lit kitchen
slow dance for a while in the grocery store aisles
all my feelings race back in and when I look up you spin me round and around

when I wanted to tell
you said I didn't need to
I don't want to scare you away
do you feel the same way?
then later you said it when we were in bed and I gave my heart I loved you right from the start
Track Name: Your Worth or the Dirt
If one day you feel you've made a mistake you can call me and see if I still feel the same
if one day you find yourself longing for my touch you can call me and see if I still miss you this much
baby it's okay the way you ended things
I was only sad because it was with me
if you came and wanted to take a chance with me I promise I could forget all those things that you said when you were upset
if you never regret anything and this is the way were always going to be then I'll stop staring into your eyes and seeing your worth
instead i'll look down
i'll look passed your eyes and stare into the dirt
Track Name: Alternate Galaxies
the simplest of sounds can make you feel a way
the simplest of movements can send my mind away
last night I caught a moment of your scent and I was gone
back to that place where we began now it's gone

to what alternate universe must I travel where we could be complete?
you could be you and I could me nothing unwanted could come in between
I thought if we built us with our minds in the trees, we could never come down
never fall like the leaves.
I would travel all the galaxies for our hearts to align
but the way you look at me says I'm running out of time.
Track Name: Daily Routine
focus on all the things I haven't done
all those books i've got to read sitting there on the shelf collecting dust
whats become of me?

try something new
never follow through

I've got a vision of where I want to be, but all that I'm seeing are the obstacles in front of me

will motivation strike, or will I work to dig my grave?
need to feel something real
I just need something to stick
need to feel surprised when someone I know dies just to get myself out of this damn routine.
Track Name: See you around
You said I had walls, well you've got yours too
I know we're both relieved to not be "me and you"
take your TV and take all your clothes
just leave the bookshelves baby you know how much I love them
I don't know when our love turned so grey
I thought that we watered it but I guess not every day
when we embrace baby it's so cold
you're running out of my arms you've got places to go

well you won't see me laying on the ground
we were in love, but i'll see you around.

All I wanna do is date Marceline
Turn all my red grey Marceline
you and I together it'd be so fine
all you gotta do sweet marceline is let me hang out with you oh Marceline
i'll take care of you and make sure you're alright
and if you want to you can wear all my clothes to bed
and in return you just let me inside your head
tell me your secrets and I'll hold them close to my heart
give me a chance and I swear we will go far